The Sandercomb's are proving quite difficult to find, even though the name is very unusual. It seems to have originated in Cornwall/Devon. My ancestors worked for the Devonport Dockyard before moving to Portsmouth

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Marriages of above:

EMMA married JOHN CHURCHER - 28 Apr 1867 Alverstoke

They had 5 children: John Henry, Emma Jane, Elizabeth Ellen, Frederick & Ellen Katie.


ELLEN GRACE married THOMAS ROBEY - 1884 in Portsea & had 1 known child: Ellen Grace


FREDERICK SAMUEL married (1) KATE PURKIS - Jul 1882 Alverstoke (who died Jan 1888 in Alverstoke) & (2) HAPPY TURNER - 1 Oct 1892 Victoria Docks, Essex. There was only one child to Frederick & Kate:

Percival Egar

3 further children with Frederick & Happy:

Edith Mary, William & Albert Edward


HENRY EDWARD married FANNY EMBER - Oct-Dec 1883 Alverstoke

They had 4 children:  Henry Edward, Fanny, James Chappell, Daisy Ellen


WILLIAM CHARLES married SARAH AMELIA KING - Jun 1886 St Olave, Southwark, London

They had 5 children: Effie Amelia, Ada Lois, Lily Elizabeth, Ettie Emma & William Charles


ALFRED JAMES married ELLEN JEMIMA CASTLE - 6 Nov 1885 Alverstoke

They had 5 children: Ethel Eleanor Sarah, Alfred Daniel, Edward Oliver Castle, Alice Queenie Castle & Ellen

After the tragic death of Alfred (below) Ellen married again to JOHN FINN & had 3 further children: John, Dorothy Isabel Mary & Robert

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St. Mary's Church, and what is still known locally as Alverstoke Village, lie within half a mile of the shore of Stokes Bay and near the head of a creek which extends a mile westward from Portsmouth Harbour.  Up to the early 19th Century the parish was about 4.5 miles from North to South and 2.5 miles from East to West. It was bounded on the East by Portsmouth Harbour, on the South by the Solent and on the West mainly by the Parish of Rowner. On the North it adjoined Fareham and Titchfield parishes.  Large parts of the North and East of the parish were formed into separate parishes between 1840 and 1913.  Thus the parish, which was once a large agricultural one containing the villages of Alverstoke and Gosport now comprises a smaller and mainly residential area within the Borough of Gosport.  "Alverstoke" is a corruption of the name Alvara, a former Lady of the Manor, and Stoke a settlement on the area known as the Marsh Ground.

St Mary's Church, Alverstoke, Hampshire


HENRY SANDERCOMB's parents were HENRY EDWARD SANDERCOMB (born abt 1800 Gosport) (died Apr 1853 Alverstoke) who married ANN DEAR (born abt 1806 possibly Alverstoke) (died Jun 1853 Alverstoke). ANN's parents were MAYNARD DEAR and ELIZABETH LUFFINGHAM.


They had 8 children including HENRY:


JAMES (born abt 1827 Gosport)

ANN (born abt 1830 Gosport)

EDWARD OLIVER (born abt 1833 Gosport) (died Mar 1893 Alverstoke)

SAMUEL (born abt 1835 Gosport) (died 1902 South Shields, Durham)

CHARLES (born Mar 1838 Gosport) (died Sep 1898 Alverstoke)

JOHN RUDDER (born Mar 1841 Gosport) (died 1878 Fareham, Hants)

ELIZABETH (born Mar 1845 Alverstoke) (died 1895 Portsea Island)

Marriages of above:

JAMES married (1) HANNAH ROBERTS - 27 Apr 1851 Alverstoke They had 8 children: James William Roberts, Elizabeth Hannah Roberts, Charles Dear, William Roberts, Edmund Dear, Andrew George, Maynard Dear & Hannah Eliza

(2) MARGARET BROWN - 6 Feb 1871 Queensferry, West Lothian, Scotland.

They  had 4 children: George Brown, Alice Elizabeth, Samuel John & Henry


ANN married GEORGE CHURCHER - 12 Mar 1855 Alverstoke. They had 8 children: George Alfred, George E, Emily Ann, Ann Elizabeth, Mary, James, Amy, Ada & Alice Beatrice


EDWARD OLIVER married (1) ELLEN MARSHALL - 11 Feb 1856 Alverstoke & (2) SARAH A. HARDY - 12 Nov 1863

Edward & Sarah had 9 children: Edward William, Sarah Elizabeth, Albert Oliver, Adelina Julia, Samuel Charles, Rosina Ellen, Elizabeth Ann, Minnie Maud & Edward Oliver C.


SAMUEL married MIRIAM GRANTHAM - 29 Nov 1859 Alverstoke. They had 4 known children: Hermina Maud, Florence Amy, Evelyn Gertrude & Victoria Catherine


CHARLES married JULIA ELIZABETH BARNETT - 1870 Alverstoke. They had 2 known children: Charles Frank & Lilian Mary


ELIZABETH married THOMAS TAYLOR - 5 Mar 1866 St Mary's Portsea (children unknown)

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HENRY EDWARD's parents were JAMES (RICHARD) BROWN SANDERCOMB also spelt SYNDERCOMB (born abt 1752 in Cuby with Tregony, Cornwall) (died 12 Apr 1833 Gosport) & MARY BROWN. They married 14 Mar 1795 St Mary's, Portsea.


They had 5 children including EDWARD:


BRIDGET (born abt 1800 Gosport)

CHARLOTTE (born abt 1803 Alversoke) (died 1869 Alverstoke)

CHARLES (born abt 1807 Gosport)

AMELIA (born abt 1812 Gosport) (died 1874 Alverstoke)


JAMES married again to HONOUR GILBERTSON after MARY died - 22 Oct 1813   & had 4 further children:

Andrina Mary Maria Gifford, Eliza, Honour Matilda & Marianne Forsyth

Marriages of above:

CHARLOTTE married DIONYSIUS SEYMOUR - 15 Jun 1824 Gosport & had 4 known children:

James, Jane, William & Sarah


AMELIA married (1) GEORGE GARNETT - 10 Nov 1835 Alverstoke. They had 4 known children: George John, Richard William, Henry James, Thomas Edward

(2) GEORGE HICKMAN - 18 Sep 1847 Portsmouth


ANDRINA MARY MARIA GIFFORD married JOHN TAVERNER - 28 Sep 1839 Stoke Damerell, Devon

(children unknown)


ELIZA married JOHN READ - 10 Sep 1832 Alverstoke (children unknown)

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Research Note: This will probably be the furthest generation for the Sandercomb(e)'s as the Parish Records are a bit "hit & miss", a lot of them illegible as well which doesn't help! I am pretty confident that anyone with this surname (& derivatives) are related as it is very rare & dying out, due to many more females than males being born.


I have recently made contact with 2 x 3rd Cousins of mine - Sue Duplain & Vicky Moore & thanks to their hard work & constant Zoom meetings I have gone back to around the 1680's-1690's.


There are relations scattered all around the World & are known to be in America & Australia.

St Marys Church Alverstoke



In September 1892, all the Sandercomb lives would change forever.


From the location of his home, to the location of the incident, the time he left home is approximate.


Alfred woke early and told his wife he was going for a walk. Alfred left his home at 33, Zetland Road, Gosport at around 5:30 am. He walked down Gordon Road, Green Lane and then along to the very end of Anglesey Road which was a distance of around 1.2 miles, which would have taken him around 25 to 35 minutes.


He took off his cap and coat, put these on the bank of Stokes Bay Moat, went into the water, and laid in the water wanting to end his life. Alfred probably couldn’t swim, so this could be the reason why he chose to end his life this way.


At around 6am, William Cobb, a hire Carter of Coward Road, Alverstoke, found Alfred floating on his stomach in the water.


As William couldn’t swim, he went to fetch help and about 10 minutes later, he arrived back at the scene with a man called Arthur Greenaway, who went into the water to bring Alfred out. At this point, Alfred was floating on his back where they saw he had slit his throat, and the water surrounding his head was red.


Alfred was pulled from the moat and taken to Haslar, and after 30 minutes, he died from blood loss and shock.


Alfred died on 3rd September, 1892. The inquest was extremely quick and was held on 6th September 1892.


Alfred was buried on 8th September, 1892 at Clayhall Naval Cemetery, Gosport.


Alfred was buried at  Plot D, row 56, grave 9, with the inscription “Bandsman. RMLI”.


Green Lane Gosport

Green Lane Gosport

Anglesey Road Alverstoke

Anglesey Road Gosport


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JAMES was born abt 1720 in Cuby with Tregony, Cornwall & died Sep 1793 in Cuby with Tregony.


BRIDGET was born abt 1708 in Kenwyn, Cornwall & died Dec 1793 in St Austell, Cornwall.


The couple married 3 Jun 1745 in Cuby with Tregony & had 3 known children including JAMES:


JENNIFER (born abt 1746) (died Dec 1750)

WOOLRIDGE (JAMES) (born abt 1749) (died abt 1803)

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EDWARD was born abt 1690 in Cuby with Tregony, Cornwall & died

abt 1775


CATHERINE (born abt 1690 & died Dec 1768) in Cuby with Tregony.


EDWARD & CATHERINE married 18 May 1719 in Cuby with Tregony & had 4 known children including JAMES:


RICHARD (born abt 1719 in Cuby with Tregony & died Sep 1793 in Cuby with Tregony)

EDWARD (born abt 1721 in Cuby with Tregony) (death unknown)

JENNIFER (born abt 1727 & died 1735 in Cuby with Tregony)

SARAH ANN SANDERCOMB (born 7 October 1848 North Street, Gosport) (died 16 November 1914 Gosport) married ALFRED ABRAHAM (see Abraham page). Her parents were HENRY SANDERCOMB and ELIZABETH KIND. They married 21 June 1846 Alverstoke.


They had 8 children including SARAH:


EMMA (born Mar 1850 Alverstoke) (died aft. 1911)

HENRY EDWARD (born Jan 1852 Alverstoke) (died Apr 1853 Alverstoke)

GEORGE FREDERICK (born Mar 1853 Alverstoke) (died Jul 1856 Alverstoke)

ELLEN GRACE (born Mar 1855 Alverstoke) (died 1932 Alverstoke)

FREDERICK SAMUEL (born 18 Aug 1858 Alverstoke) (died Jun 1920 Bromley, Kent)

 HENRY EDWARD (born 15 Dec 1858 Alverstoke) (died Oct 1921 Alverstoke)

WILLIAM CHARLES (born Apr 1861, Forton) (died aft 1911)

ALFRED JAMES (born 10 Jan 1863 Alverstoke) (died 3 Sep 1892 Alverstoke)