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The Pullin family originates from the early 17th Century from the village of Castle Combe in Wiltshire. During the 18th & 19th Century's there was a Pullin family in pretty much every other house in the village. The church of St Andrew's was worked on by Pullin Stonemason's (Richard, John & Henry) who also created the gargoyles on the outside. Henry has his name engraved on the inside of the church tower.


The spelling changes also inc. Pulleyn, Poullin, Pulling. Surnames associated with the Pullin family:

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Castle Combe has been called 'The Prettiest Village in England' and with good reason; visitors have been coming to enjoy its charms for at least a century and the small street leading from the Market Cross down to the By Brook is as picturesque today as it ever was.Castle Combe’s history goes back much further than this though. The site of the castle is above today’s village, but little other than earthworks now mark its one time presence. Originally it was a British hill fort which became occupied by the Romans due to its proximity to The Fosse Way. After the Romans, came the Normans, who built the fort up into a Castle. By the Middle Ages the village in the valley had become an important centre for the wool industry. The spinsters and weavers lived in the cottages (hence names such as "Weaver’s House") and the river, still known as By Brook, provided the power to run the mills. In more recent times the village has played host to many filming activities, the most famous of these being ‘Doctor Doolittle’ filmed in and around the village in 1966. More recently the village has had a major role in 'War Horse', 'Stardust' and 'The Wolf Man'.



Susannah's house at Bybrook & Right - Susannah

Susannah Pullin

RICHARD (born 25 Jan 1846 Castle Combe) (died Jun 1920 St Pancras, London)


ANN (born 12 Sep 1847 Castle Combe) (died 1925 Bristol)


LAVINIA (born 9 Oct 1849 Castle Combe) (died 13 May 1896 Castle Combe)


MARY JANE (born 17 Oct 1854 Castle Combe) (died bet 1917-1936)


AMELIA (born 20 Sep 1857 Castle Combe) (died 1948 Panteg Hospital, Pontypool, Wales)


HENRY (born 5 Feb 1860 Castle Combe) (died 12 Apr 1939 Castle Combe)


ALBERT (born 7 Dec 1862 Castle Combe) (died 20 Feb 1943 Castle Combe)


JOHN (born 6 Jul 1865 Castle Combe) (died 30 Dec 1947 Castle Combe)


EMMA (born 12 Jul 1868 Castle Combe) (died 31 May 1902 Castle Combe)

Marriages of above:

RICHARD married 1) ELIZABETH WATSON TURNER GINGELL - 10 Jun 1867 Bromham, Wiltshire


They had 4 children: William Herbert, Charlotte Kate, Lavinia Elizabeth & John William

He also married 2) MARIA CATHERINE DULLASTON - Mar 1902 St Pancras, London


ANN married HENRY BEES - 5 Aug 1869 (children being sorted at present)


LAVINIA married THOMAS BRINSDON - 28 Nov 1874 Castle Combe

They had 6 children: Annie, Ada Sophia, William Henry, Ernest, Agnes Lavinia & Herbert Thomas


MARY JANE married JOSEPH WICKS - 6 Sep 1879 Castle Combe

They had 2 children: Amelia & John


AMELIA married GEORGE JAMES DAVIES - 20 Feb 1882 St Mary's Church, Edgehill, Lancashire.

They had 10 children: William Henry, George James, Lucy Jane, Florence Amelia, Lavinia Ann, John, Elizabeth Emma, Stanley Edward, Edward Stevenson & Lillian (Margaret May)


HENRY married ELIZABETH (surname unknown) - date unknown

They had 7 children: Edward Thomas, Emily, Ella, Lena Irene, Herbert, Arthur & Archibald


ALBERT married STEVENIA NEATE - 10 Oct 1885 Castle Combe

They had 7 children: Florence Sophia, Emmeline, Albert Richard, Walter John, Beatrice Alice, Roland Alphaeus (on War Memorial in the village) & Beatrice Lavinia


JOHN married NAOMI SARAH PAYNE BLACKMOOR FARR - 21 May 1893. They had 2 children: William Henry & Edith Margaret


EMMA married WILLIAM GOODWAY - Jun 1895 Chippenham.

They had 2 children: Edith D & Arthur William


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HENRY PULLIN's parents were RICHARD PULLIN (born 18 Mar 1784 Castle Combe) (died 22 Nov 1864 Castle Combe) & RACHAEL HEAD (born 11 Jun 1781 Castle Combe) (died 15 Sep 1853 Castle Combe). They married 11 Aug 1805 Castle Combe:


They  had 9 children including HENRY:


THOMAS (born 26 Jan 1806 Castle Combe) - SEE AUSTRALIAN CONNECTION


SARAH (born 24 Jan 1808 Castle Combe)


LAVINIA (born 9 Sep 1810 Castle Combe) (died Mar 1865 Devizes)


ELIZABETH (born 21 Jan 1813 Castle Combe)


HANNAH (born 13 Aug 1815 Castle Combe)


MARY (born 18 Oct 1818 Castle Combe) (died 3 Aug 1873 Castle Combe)


ANN (born 21 Jan 1821 Castle Combe)


WILLIAM (born 31 Jul 1825 Castle Combe) (died Sep 1892)

Marriages of above:

THOMAS married ANN CHAPPEL - 18 May 1829 Castle Combe

They had 11 children (see AUSTRALIAN CONNECTION below)


SARAH married GEORGE WILKINS - 17 Jul 1834 Castle Combe

(children unknown)


LAVINIA married GEORGE ANDREWS - 4 Dec 1830 Marshfield, Gloucestershire

They had 2 known children: Hannah & William


ELIZABETH married THOMAS MATTHEWS - 4 May 1829 Castle Combe

(children unknown)


MARY married ELBRIGHT PULLIN - 1843 (no children)


WILLIAM married JANE (uknown) - (date unknown)

They had 3 children: Emily, Herbert & George

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At least one branch of the family emigrated to Australia. THOMAS PULLIN married ANN CHAPPEL 18 May 1829 in Castle Combe. ANN's family also came from the village.


The couple, along with 6 of their 11 children emigrated in 1861 aboard THE CHARIOT OF FAME (see left) - namely Kezia, Rebecca, Samuel, Thomas, Uriah & William. They arrived in Jan 1862. Thomas & Ann's ages were given incorrectly on the ship's passenger list but this was probably due to the fact they would have been classified as too old to emigrate to Australia.


As I said above THOMAS & ANN had 11 children:

JOSIAH (born 1830 Castle Combe) (died 9 Nov 1901 Collingwood, Australia)

JEMIMA (born 15 Apr 1831 Castle Combe)

ETHAN (born 4 Aug 1833 Castle Combe)

ELI (born 1837 Castle Combe)

THOMAS (born 1840 Castle Combe)

SARAH (born 1842 Castle Combe)

KEZIA (born 1845 Castle Combe)

SAMUEL (born 1847 Castle Combe)

WILLIAM ALEXANDER (born 1849 Castle Combe)

REBECCA (born 1851 Castle Combe)

URIAH (born 1854 Castle Combe)

Most interestingly, 4 of THOMAS & ANN's children emigrated before the main family, namely:


JOSIAH - emigrated on THE WANDSWORTH in 1853

JEMIMA - emigrated on THE METEOR in 1853

ETHAN - emigrated on THE LORD ASHLEY in 1855

ELI - emigrated on THE MORNING START in 1857


SARAH was left behind (I think she was employed in service). However she travelled on her own to join the family later in 1872 on THE GREAT BRITAIN.

JOSIAH PULLIN married ELIZABETH TEAGUE in a tent in the goldfields of BALLARAT on 18 Aug 1856. ELIZABETH had also emigrated with her parents (THOMAS TEAGUE & ELIZABETH MOXHAM) & 6 siblings from the UK in 1852 aboard THE MARCO POLO. ELIZABETH was born in 1838 in St Briavels,  Gloucestershire


LEFT is ANNIE PULLIN (born 11 Feb 1859 Ballarat, Victoria, Australia) - daughter of JOSIAH PULLIN & ELIZABETH TEAGUE. ANNIE had 12 brothers & sisters!

Research Note: I have a huge amount of information on the Teague's & Pullin's in Australia & am in contact with quite a few descendants.

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The surname seemed to change spelling for this generation, so I've left it as it is for now. RICHARD PULLIN's parents were THOMAS PULLING (born abt 1773 Castle Combe) & HANNAH LITTLE (born abt 1746 Castle Combe) (died 22 Jan 1795 Castle Combe). They married 25 Dec 1769 Biddestone, Wiltshire.


They had 10 children including RICHARD:


WILLIAM (born abt 1770 Castle Combe) (died 2 Mar 1773 Castle Combe)


JAMES (born abt 1772 Castle Combe) (died bef 1789)


THOMAS (born abt 1773 Castle Combe)


MARY (born abt 1776 Castle Combe)


RICHARD (born abt 1778 Castle Combe) (died 15 Dec 1778 Castle Combe)


ELEANOR (born abt 1779 Castle Combe)


WILLIAM (born abt 1781 Castle Combe)


ANN (born abt 1787 Castle Combe)


JAMES (born abt 1789 Castle Combe) (died 12 Feb 1875 Holt, Bradford upon Avon)

Marriages of above:

THOMAS married RUTH HISCOCKS - 12 Aug 1799 Castle Combe (children unknown)


ANN married GEORGE NEATE - 7 Nov 1807 Biddestone (children unknown)


JAMES married HARRIET CARRINGTON - date unknown but Castle Combe. They had 6 children: Hannah, George, Ephraim, James, Job & Aaron

Early images of St Andrew's, Castle Combe

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THOMAS PULLING's parents were WILLIAM PULLIN (born abt 1716 Castle Combe) (died 16 Sep 1780 Castle Combe) & MARY DREW (born abt 1724 Castle Combe) (died 23 Dec 1766 Castle Combe). They married 26 Dec 1745 Castle Combe.


They had 6 children including THOMAS:


SUSANNAH (born abt 1737 Castle Combe - before the marriage!!)

MARY (born abt 1745 Castle Combe)

SARAH (born abt 1747 Castle Combe) (died 11 Aug 1805 Castle Combe)

HANNAH (born abt 1750/1 Castle Combe) (died 8 Jun 1787 Castle Combe)

WILLIAM (born abt 1753 Castle Combe)

Marriages of above:

SUSANNAH married GEORGE BEAKER - 1 Aug 1762 Castle Combe


MARY married THOMAS DREW - 13 Jun 1765 Castle Combe

They had 3 children: Hannah, Ann(1) & Anne(2)


SARAH married HENRY SMITH - 15 Nov 1770 Castle Combe

They had 7 children: Henry, Mary(1), Mary(2), Anne, Philip, Hester & Charles


HANNAH married JOSEPH NEALE - 11 Jan 1776 Castle Combe

They had 4 children: James, William, Mary & John

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WILLIAM PULLIN's parents were RICHARD PULLIN (born abt 1686 Castle Combe) (died 27 Dec 1769 Castle Combe) & HANNAH RAPSON (born abt 1694 Castle Combe).They married 18 Jul 1715 Castle Combe.


They had 8 children including WILLIAM:


JANE (born abt 1716 Castle Combe)

AARON (born abt 1720 Castle Combe)

RICHARD (born abt 1724 Castle Combe)

MOSES (born abt 1726 Castle Combe)

JOB (born abt 1728 Castle Combe)

SARAH (born abt 1732 Castle Combe)

MARY born abt 1733 Castle Combe)


There are no marriage records of the above as yet

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EARLY-MID 1600's

The furthest generation I can go back to in Castle Combe are the parents of RICHARD PULLIN - JAMES PULLIN (born abt 1658 Castle Combe) & SARAH (surname unknown) (born abt 1662 Castle Combe). They married 1683 in Castle Combe.


They had 9 children including RICHARD:


WILLIAM (born abt 1684 Castle Combe)

ANN (born abt 1689 Castle Combe)

JAMES (born abt 1693 Castle Combe)

AARON (born abt 1696 Castle Combe)

RACHEL(1) (born abt 1700 Castle Combe) (died 9 Dec 1702 Castle Combe)

JANE (born abt 1702 Castle Combe) (died 23 Dec 1702 Castle Combe)

RACHEL(2) (born abt 1703 Castle Combe)

MOSES (born abt 1707 Castle Combe)


The only marriage known is that of AARON who married ELIZABETH POLING in Marshfield, Gloucestershire. They had 1 known child William born in 1725 in Marshfield

Research Note: I have the microfiche of Castle Combe & there are no other Pullin's in the village prior to 1658

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I do have an enormous amount of information on the Pullin's, so please do not hesitate to contact me further details

Castle Combe - Church and Square
Chariot of Fame
George Davies
Amelia Pullen Photo

George Davies & Amelia Pullin

Stevenia, Albert & Roland Pullen from Clive Hallid

Albert, Stevenia & Roland Pullin

Beaker, Bees, Brinsdon, Carrington, Chappel, Davies, Drew, Farr, Gingel(l), Goodway, Hiscocks, Little, Matthews, Neale, Neate, Rapson, Smith, Taylor, Teague, White, Wicks

The Pullin line starts with SUSANNAH (born 7 Apr 1852 Castle Combe) (died 3 Feb 1923 Castle Combe) who married CHARLES WHITE (see WHITE page).


SUSANNAH's parents were HENRY PULLIN (born 12 Jan 1823 Castle Combe) (died 3 Oct 1905 Castle Combe) & SOPHIA TAYLOR (born 5 Feb 1826 Castle Combe) (died 11 Jan 1900 Castle Combe). They married 5 Oct 1845 St Andrew's, Castle Combe.


They had 10 children including SUSANNAH: