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A fair bit is known about this part of the family. They seem to originate in Cambridgeshire. I visited Cambridgeshire Record Office some years ago & viewed some Parish Records but mainly Bishop's Transcripts, which were quite sketchy. A lot of information seemed to be missing.


The surnames associated with the Hancock's, Oak's & Deer's are:

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Eric Kenneth Oak Hancock (jnr)

Eric Oak Hancock (snr)

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ERIC OAK HANCOCK's parents were EDWARD ERNEST HANCOCK (born 4 Aug 1864 West Wratting, Cambridgeshire) (died 15 Aug 1932 Gillingham, Kent) & ANNIE GIDNEY (born 2 Apr 1870 Westminster, London) (died 16 Dec 1953 Gillingham). They married 25 Dec 1891 St Paul's Church, Clapham, London.


They had 8 children including ERIC:


EDITH MAY (born Jun 1892 Clapham (died Jun 1964 Chatham)


JOHN WILLIAM (born 1893 Clapham) (died 1899)


EDWARD ERNEST (born 6 Jan 1894 St John's Hill, Battersea, London) (died 12 Jan 1976 Farnborough Hospital, Bromley, Kent)


ALFRED GORDON (born 13 Nov 1895 Clapham) (died Sep 1896)


HECTOR LESLIE (born 31 Mar 1900 Clapham) (died Dec 1900)


HELEN (ELLEN) ESTHER (born 29 Mar 1903 Gillingham) (died 4 Nov 1927 10 Gillingham Road, Gillingham)


ETHEL ANNIE (born Sep 1905 Gillingham) (died Oct 1981 Maidstone, Kent)

EDWARD ERNEST was a Master Butcher by trade. The building shown here used to be the Butcher's Shop & Slaughterhouse in Copenhagen Road, Gillingam, Kent. Unfortunately Edward committed suicide on 15 Aug 1932 here. A report was made in the local paper, the Chatham, Gillingham & Rochester News. Click here to see the report.

Marriages of above:

EDITH MAY married LEONARD FRYER - 8 Jan 1911 St John the Baptist Church, Twydall, Gillingham, Kent).

They had 3 children: Leonard, Bernard C. & Joan M.M.


EDWARD ERNEST married ELLA HARRIET BATE - 8 Apr 1917 St John the Baptist Church, Twydall).

They had 3 children: Jeanne Ella, John & Edward Henley


HELEN (ELLEN) ESTHER married SIDNEY THOMAS PHILLIPS - 24 Aug 1924 The Baptist Tabernacle Church, Gillingham).

They had 1 son: Peter E.S.


ETHEL ANNIE married JOHN ARTHUR GRANT - Sep 1926 Gillingham.

They had 2 children: John A. & Ann R.


EDWARD ERNEST's parents were JOHN HANCOCK (born 1834 Fulbourn, Cambridgeshire) (died 4 Oct 1900 Sittingbourne) & ELLEN OAK (where the middle name comes from) (born 1837 Weston Colville, Cambridgeshire) (died Dec 1928 Sittingbourne, Kent). They married 29 Jun 1859 St Paul's Church, Carlton, Cambridgeshire

Research Note: JOHN & ELLEN lived at 24 East Street, Sittingbourne, Kent in the 1891 Census. See picture left taken in 1923. The property was a "Boot Shop".


JOHN died of Senility Asthenia aged just 66 - his occupation was given as "Master Outfitter"

They had 11 children including EDWARD:


JOHN THOMAS (born 28 Apr 1862 West Wratting, Cambridgeshire)


MARY JANE (born 8 Jun 1866 West Wratting)


FREDERICK WILLIAM (born 18 May 1868 West Wratting) (died aft 1932)


ALICE MAUD (born 22 May 1870 Sotherton, Suffolk) (died Jun 1935 Sittingbourne, Kent)


LOUISA AGNES (born 16 Feb 1873 Sotherton)


HENRIETTA ELIZABETH (born 5 May 1874 Sotherton) (died 27 May 1874 Sotherton)


ELLEN ESTHER (born 16 Apr 1876 Sotherton) (died Jun 1895 Sittingbourne)


MAY EDITH (born 1877 Sotherton) (died Sep 1925 Gillingham)


PERCY OAK (born 1880 Newport, Essex) (died 8 Apr 1918 Avesnes, France - World War I)


EVELINE MARGARET (born 1883 Newport, Essex)

Marriages of above:

FREDERICK WILLIAM married HELEN CHIDDY - Dec 1898 Fulham, London

They had 1 known child: Kenneth William


ALICE MAUD M. married GEORGE HARRY GOLDSMITH - 11 Jun 1902 Sittingbourne, Kent

They had 1 known child: Geoffrey Paul


LOUISA AGNES married EDWARD LOUIS PARNELL - 22 Apr 1896 Sittingbourne

They  had 1 known child: Leslie Reginald


EVELINE MARGARET married CHARLES COOK - Dec 1921 Camberwell, London. Children unknown.

Research Note: PERCY OAK died 8 Apr 1918 in Avesnes, France whilst serving with the Somersetshire Light Infantry. He was listed as missing in March 1918.

He is buried at Avesnes-sur-Helpe Commund Cemetery, France & his name appears on the Sittingbourne War Memorial

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JOHN HANCOCK's parents were JOHN HANCOCK (born abt 1804 Fulbourn, Cambridgeshire) (died 13 Apr 1844 Chesterton, Cambridgeshire) & JANE DEER (born abt 1809) (died Oct 1839 Chesterton). They married 17 Jul 1832 West Wratting, Cambridgeshire. JOHN was a Grocer at the age of 35 and had a Grocer's Shop in Fulbourn.


They had 6 children including JOHN:


WALTER (born 1835 Fulbourn) (died bef. 1891) - He married MAHALA AMELIA PHILLIPS 8 July 1856 St Martin in the Fields


ERNEST EDWARD (born 1837 Fulbourn) (died 1845 Fulbourn)


ARTHUR (born 1839 - a Triplet) (died after just 1 day)


HORACE (born 1839 - a Triplet) (died after just 7 days)


JANE (born 1839 - a Triplet) (died after just 7 days)


A very sad time for the family. Not only were triplets very rare in the 1800's, but to lose all of them in such a short space of time must have been devastating for the family. Ernest also died young, so Walter & John were the only ones to survive out of 6 children.

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JOHN HANCOCK's parents were JOHN HANCOCK (born abt 1773 Fulbourn) (died 2 Apr 1834 Fulbourn) & SUSANNAH NEWMAN (born abt 1772) (died 19 Jan 1844 Fulbourn). They married 19 Apr 1803 St Vigor's Church, Fulbourn.


JOHN's death appeared in the Fulbourn Chronicle 4th April 1834:

"Died on Wednesday last, much respected in the 62nd year of his age, Mr John Hancock, Shopkeeper of Fulbourn"

Fulbourn High Street c1900

Fulbourn Churches

At some stage in its early history, Fulbourn became two separate parishes, each with its own church, All Saints and St Vigor’s. The tower of All Saints stood less than ten feet from the south wall of the chancel of St. Vigor’s. Only a piece of stone of the tower and a memorial stone to Elizabeth March remain of All Saints. It was ruined in May 1766, when its tower collapsed on to the Nave and Chancel. It was taken down by order of an Act of Parliament in 1776.

Research Note: No other details appear in the Fulbourn Parish Registers for other children. I am sure there must have been others, but the information is missing.

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JOHN HANCOCK's parents were THOMAS HANCOCK (born abt 1725 Fulbourn) (died 2 Oct 1779 Fulbourn) & MARY BLACKTOP (birth unknown) (died 2 Feb 1835 Fulbourn). They married 27 Nov 1774 St Vigor's, Fulbourn.


I only have details of one other child besides JOHN:


THOMAS (born abt 1779 Fulbourn).

He married MARTHA ASHMAN - 8 Mar 1817 All Saint's, Fulbourn.

They had 5 children: Sarah, Charles, Mary, Richard(1), Richard(2) & Harriet

The parents of THOMAS HANCOCK were WILLIAM HANCOCK (birth unknown) (died Aug 1769) & SUSAN HUNT (birth unknown) (died Apr 1769 Fulbourn). They married 8 May 1725 St Vigor's, Fulbourn.


They had 7 children including THOMAS:


WILLIAM (born abt 1726 Fulbourn)

JOHN (born abt 1728 Fulbourn)

EDWARD(1) (born abt 1730/1 Fulbourn) (died bef. 1735 Fulbourn)

MARY (born abt 1732 Fulbourn)

EDWARD(2) (born abt 1735 Fulbourn)

CHARLES (born abt 1738 Fulbourn)

Research Note: There are a couple of possibilities for William's birth but he would have been born between 1685-1705. Susan was born in Cambridgeshire, but there are a number of Susan Hunt's of the right age.

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The Hancock's are a large family & there is definitely more information to find. If you think you can help fill in some of the gaps please get in touch. I will be delighted to hear from you.

Copenhagen Road Gillingham New
Fulbourn High Street
East Street Sittingbourne 1923


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Research Note: Unfortunately the records of Cambridgeshire aren't good & the christian names of the above children are very common so its an almost impossible task to clarify "my" ancestors.

Marriages of above:

cannot clarify any marriages for William, John & Mary, or any burials for that matter!


EDWARD married ANN FURBANK on 1st June 1766 in Fulbourn & had 12 children!!


WILLIAM (born abt 1767)

THOMAS (1) (born abt 1769 & died 1776)

PHILLIP (born abt 1771 & died 1836)

HANNAH (born abt 1772)

EDWARD (born abt 1775)

THOMAS (2) (born abt 1777)

JOHN (born abt 1778)

ANN (born abt 1780)

ESTHER (born abt 1781)

MARY FURBANK (born abt 1783)

MARIANNE (born abt 1784)

Robert (born abt 1785)


CHARLES married ANN WRIGHT on 30th November 1757 in Fulbourn All Saints, however died in 1764 possibly after chilbirth as THOMAS was born in 1764 & had  4 known children:


JOHN (born abt 1759 & died 1759)

ELIZABETH (born abt 1760)

SARAH (born abt 1762 & died 1764)

THOMAS (born abt 1764)

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The final generation is located in Bottisham, Cambridgeshire with the parents of WILLIAM - JOHN HANCOCK & MARGARET SWETT who married 12 April 1680 in Bottisham


I only know one other child besides WILLIAM -


ANNE ( abt 1686)


Eric Oak Hancock (my Grandpa)


The Hancock line starts with my father ERIC KENNETH OAK HANCOCK (born 5 Dec 1931 Worcester) and my mother MARGARET ELIZABETH PIPER (see PIPER page) (born 18 Sep 1937 Chatham). They married 28 Sep 1960 St Mary's Church, Chatham.


My father's parents were ERIC OAK HANCOCK (born 5 Jan 1908 Gillingham, Kent) (died 1984 Sittingbourne, Kent) & FREDA MOLLY ABRAHAM (see ABRAHAM page) (born 13 Dec 1906 Portsmouth, Hampshire) (died 19 Dec 1981 Portsmouth). They married Apr 1931 Portsmouth.


They had one other child:


PAUL (born Dec 1946 Portsmouth)

He married Sandra Lipscombe Apr-Jun 1968 & had 2 children:

Anita & Angela