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EDWARD DEER's parents were JOHN HALSTEAD DEER (born abt 1733 Cambridge, Cambridgeshire) & ANN HART (born abt 1742 in Fulbourn). They married 23 Mar 1761 All Saints, Fulbourn.


They had 4 children including EDWARD:


MARY (1) (born abt 1768 Fulbourn) (died bef. 1770)


MARY (2) (born abt 1770 Fulbourn)


JEREMIAH (born abt 1776 Fulbourn)

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St Mary's Church, Weston Colville

THOMAS & HANNAH had 9 children including ELLEN:


ELIZABETH (born abt 1818 Weston Colville)


CHARLES (born abt 1822 Weston Colville) (died Mar 1905 Sudbury, Suffolk)


JAMES (born abt 1824 Weston Colville)


ROBERT (born abt 1825 Weston Colville)


STEPHEN (born abt 1828 Weston Colville)


MARY (born abt 1832 Weston Colville) (died Oct 1832 Weston Colville)


JOHN (born abt 1840 Weston Colville)


ESTHER (born abt 1843 Weston Colville)

Marriages of above:

ELIZABETH married STEPHEN BARTON - 31 Oct 1846 Weston Colville (children unknown)


CHARLES married AUGUSTA PARKER - 20 Nov 1862 Weston Colville.

They had 3 children: Mary A, Charles F & John P.


JAMES married EMMA DEASE - 1851 St James, Paddington, London

They had 7 children: James John, Mary Emma, Charles, Louisa Emily, Clara E, Algena P & Esther


STEPHEN married HANNAH MARIA WALKLETT - Mar 1862 Kensington, London (children unknown)


JOHN married ARABELLA CHRISTINA CLAYDON - 10 Apr 1873 Kirtling, Cambridgeshire.

They had 4 children: Jessie, Ellen May, Margaret & Thomas


The name Dullingham has been in use for well over a thousand years - the name was used around the year 975 to describe a wood in the area. The name comes from Old English and means ‘Homestead of the Dullingas, the people named after Dulla’. The area had been settled many centuries before this time by successive waves of invaders from continental Europe, but it seems that there is no archaeological evidence of earlier habitation in Dullingham itself, or in the other two communities which now form part of the modern village: Cross Green and Dullingham Ley. The first written record we have is provided by that amazing achievement of medieval civil administration, the Domesday Book (1085). By this time Dullingham was a centre of agricultural activity and Domesday records four separate landholdings here: the manor, two farms and a small holding, held by four different lords.


The Old Schoolhouse, Dullingham

St Mary's Church, Dullingham

THOMAS OAK's parents were STEPHEN OAKE (born abt 1758 Dullingham) (died Dec 1827 Dullingham) & MARY BROWN (born abt 1759). They married 22 Dec 1780 Dullingham.


They had 11 children including THOMAS:


WILLIAM (born abt 1781 Dullingham) (died Aug 1831 Burrough Green)


MARY (born abt 1783 Burrough Green) (died Nov 1783 Dullingham)


ELIZABETH (born abt 1785 Burrough Green) (died 16 Oct 1810 Burrough Green)


JOHN (born abt 1788 Burrough Green)


MARY (born abt 1789 Burrough Green) (died Sep 1828 Burrough Green)


JAMES (born abt 1792 Burrough Green) (died Sep 1823 Burrough Green)


EDWARD (born abt 1797 Burrough Green) (died Nov 1852 Burrough Green)


ANN (born abt 1799 Burrough Green)


ROBERT (born abt 1801 Burrough Green) (died Nov 1884 Burrough Green)


CHARLES (born abt 1804 Burrough Green) (died Aug 1804 Burrough Green)


WILLIAM married MARY HOOD - 13 Jun 1813 Burrough Green

They had 6 children: Edward, Elizabeth, Robert, Susannah, Thomas Hood & James


EDWARD married MARY ANN BRIGGS - 3 Jan 1823 Burrough Green

They had 5 children: Charles, Eleanor, Samuel, Mary & Alice Briggs


ANN married JOHN FROST - 11 Apr 1826 Brinkley

They had 1 known child: John Oake Frost


ROBERT married HANNAH HOW - 18 Apr 1824 Burrough Green

They had 5 children: Louisa, Eliza, Charles, James & Robert


STEPHEN OAKE's parents were STEPHEN OAKE (born abt 1710 Dullingham) (died Sep 1766 Dullingham) & ELEANOR WATSON (birth & death unknown). They married 4 Feb 1758 Dullingham.


They had 6 children including STEPHEN:


ANN (born abt 1760 Dullingham)


MARY (born abt 1763 Dullingham)


WILLIAM (born abt 1764 Dullingham) (died 29 Aug 1851 Dullingham)


SARAH (born abt 1767 Dullingham)


ELIZABETH (born abt 1768 Dullingham) (died Sep 1770 Dullingham)

Marriages of above:

MARY married JOSEPH SNAZEL - 12 Dec 1778 Dullingham

(children unknown)


WILLIAM married SUSAN EATON - 22 Jan 1812 St James, Westminster, London.

They had 9 children: William, Emily, George, Agnes, James(1),  Elizabeth Anne, James(2), Robert Richmond & Elizabeth Eaton

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STEPHEN OAKE's parents were WILLIAM OAKE (born abt 1682 Burrough Green) (died May 1752 Burrough Green) & MARY PAGE (born abt 1683 Burrough Green) (died Jul 1762 Burrough Green). They married 1 Oct 1704 Burrough Green.


They had 5 children including STEPHEN:


WILLIAM (born abt 1706 Burrough Green) (died Oct 1762 Dullingham)


MARY (born abt 1711 Burrough Green) (died Jun 1728 Burrough Green)


ANDREW (born abt 1718 Burrough Green) (died Jun 1721 Burrough Green)


ANNE (born abt 1722 Burrough Green)

Marriages of above:

WILLIAM married SUSAN (surname unknown) - abt 1734 Burrough Green

They had 11 children: Mary, Frances, William, Ann, Stephen(1), Stephen(2), Elizabeth, Susan, Thomas, John & James


ANNE married JOHN TURNER - 1 Nov 1747 Burrough Green.

They had 4 known children: Ann, John, Mary & Thomas

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WILLIAM OAKE's parents were WILLIAM OAKE (born abt 1645 Burrough Green) (died Jun 1697 Burrough Green) & ANN LEGGAT (born abt 1645 Reach, Cambridgeshire). They married 11 Jul 1681 Burrough Green.


I cannot seem to find any other children for WILLIAM & ANN as yet.

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The furthest I can go back to are the parents of WILLIAM - WILLIAM OAK (born at 1615 Burrough Green) (died 1697 Burough Green) & ANN MILLER (born abt 1617 Burrough Green).They married 30 Nov 1636 Burrough Green.


I know of only 2 other children besides WILLIAM:


MARY (born abt 1637 Burrough Green) (died Sep 1648 Dullingham)


ANN (born abt 1638 Burrough Green) - ANN had a "baseborn" child also called ANN in abt 1669 Burrough Green

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Research Note: I do have a lot of information on the Oak(e) family, so please don't hesitate to contact me for further details

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EARLY 1700's

JOHN HALSTEAD DEER's parents were JEREMIAH DEER (born abt 1707 in  Cambridge, died Feb 1742/3 in Cambridge) & MARY HALSTED (born about 1705 in Cambridge). They married 1 Jan 1730/31 in Cambridge.


They had 3 known children inc. JOHN:


JEREMIAH (born abt 1734 & died Feb 1794) - he married SARAH ROBINSON 6 Apr 1769 in St Mary the Great, Cambridge)


MARY (born abt 1735)


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JEREMIAH DEER's parents were JEREMIAH DEER (born abt 1680 in Cambridge & died Jan 1737/8 in Cambridge, buried in St Clements, Cambridge) & ANNE LYNSEY (born abt 1683 in Cambridge & died Nov 1735 in Cambridge, buried 11 Nov 1735 in St Clements, Cambridge).


They married 7 May 1704 in Cambridge


They had 11 known children inc. JEREMIAH:


SUSANNAH (born abt 1705 in Cambridge, died Aug 1719)

RICHARD (born abt 1706 in Cambridge)

JEREMIAH (1) (born abt 1707 & died before 1708, Cambridge)

WILLIAM (born abt 1709 & died 1711, Cambridge)

SUSANNAH (2) (born abt 1712 in Cambridge)

JOHN (1) (born abt 1713 & died before 1715, Cambridge)

JOHN (2) (born abt 1715 in Cambridge)

ANNE (born abt 1716 & died Oct 1746, Cambridge)

SARAH (born abt 1718 & died Dec 1718, Cambridge)

JAMES (born abt 1720 & died Nov 1723, Cambridge)


The only Marriage known is that of ANNE who married THOMAS HALEY 5th May 1739 in St Clements, Cambridge by Licence.


The Syzer family name is occupational in meaning, deriving through Sysour - a Middle English term - referring to an Assizer a person who was a member of an assize or group of witnesses at a legal inquiry


Derivatives of this name include: SISER, SYSAR, SYZAR, SYSZER, SAYZER



This branch is through the OAK/OAKE part of the tree on the maternal line. I normally wouldn't go back to the 16th Century on a maternal line, but the surname fascinated me & is very unusual with not many people around the World sharing it!


This part of my family seems to originate from Stetchworth, on the border of Dullingham, they then moved a short distance away to Westley Waterless.

St Peter's Church, Stetchworth.

I have managed to trace back to the beginning of Parish Records (just after 1538). A lot of these records are on Find My Past web site. There are others with the same name in the parish but it's difficult to prove some of them due to the same names being used!


My link to the Syzer's are as follows:


Born 1965


Born 1931


1908 - 1984



1837 - 1928



1794 - 1865


1758 - 1827


1710 - 1786


1684 - 1762


1653 - 1690


1633 - 1702


1604 - 1649


1570 - (date unknown)


Married about 1568 - possibly Fulbourn, Cambs.


1864 - 1932


St Marys Church Weston Colville
Dullingham St Marys
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This is a continuation from the HANCOCK page

JANE DEER (born abt 1809 Fulbourn) (died Oct 1839 Chesterton) married JOHN HANCOCK (see HANCOCK page) 17 July 1832 West Wratting.


JANE's parents were EDWARD DEER (born abt 1766 Fulbourn) (died Jun 1865 Chesterton) & HANNAH MANNING (born abt 1773). They married 5 Jun 1797 Fulbourn.


They had 7 children including JANE:


SUSAN (born abt 1798 Fulbourn)


MARY (born abt 1800 Fulbourn)


CHARLES (born abt 1802 Fulbourn)


ANN FYSON (born abt 1806 Fulbourn)


WILLIAM LAMPREAL (born Oct 1807 Fulbourn) (died Apr 1808 Fulbourn)


WILLIAM (spelt DEARE) (born abt 1814 Fulbourn)


I know that there are quite a few Deer's in the County in surrounding parishes of Fulbourn.  It is quite possible that all Deer's in Cambridgeshire are related.  I haven't found the marriages of the above children as yet.

ELLEN OAK (born 1837 Weston Colville) (died Dec 1928 Sittingbourne) married JOHN HANCOCK (see HANCOCK page). ELLEN's parents were THOMAS OAK (born 1794 Burrough Green, Cambridgeshire) (died Jun 1865 Carlton-cum-Willingham, Cambridgeshire) & HANNAH SHIPP (born 1798 West Wratting) (died Jan 1885 Newmarket, Cambridgeshire).


They married 17 Oct 1817 West Wratting