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By 1892, when the Master of the workhouse was a Mr Sellick, there were 110 permanent inmates, though only 9 were women. In the same year, the position of resident workhouse cook was advertised at 7s. per week working 4.30am until 8.30pm!  In the early twentieth century, the main inmates appear to have been widows or women whose husbands could not work. Many unmarried pregnant women also went to the workhouse to give birth, with many of the babies not surviving. It is said that such children were buried in unmarked graves in the hedges alongside the local church. Vagrants used Dursley at part of a circuit which included Thornbury and Tetbury. The workhouse closed in the 1930s but was apparently used during the Second World War to house evacuees under the charge of the former Master, Mr Wilson. The building was demolished soon after the war.


Harriett Bloodworth taken in 1888, just 5 yrs before she died in the Dursley Union Workhouse

Marriages of above:

CHARLES married ANN HILL - Abt 1857 (marriage cannot be found so they may not have married at all). They had 5 children: Jasper, Comfort, Johanna, Luke & Noah Matthew


DANIEL married DEBORAH HARRIS - Oct 1846 Uley. They had 11 children: Mary Ann, Enoch, Andrew, Alice, Eliza, Hannah, Joel, Albert, Henry Eber, Amos & Herbert


PHILIP married ANN JOBBINS - 13 May 1850 Cam Meeting House, Cam. They had 8 children: Dorcas Dora, Joseph, Hannah(1), Hannah Bertha(2), Harriett, Delia, Ann & Ada Rose


JOSEPH married (1) SARAH WILKINS - Sep 1862 Gloucester & 2) SARAH JANE WOODWARD - Jun 1887 Gloucester. Joseph had 1 child with SARAH WILKINS: William Joseph


CHARLOTTE married WILLIAM BAGLIN POWELL - 8 Mar 1857 St Michael's, Bristol, Somerset. They had 8 children: Albert William, Rosa Beatrice, Nugent Nigel, Orde, John, Nigel John, Martin & Amelia Charlotte


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JOSEPH BLOODWORTH's parents were JAMES BLOODWORTH (born abt 1760 Uley) (died 17 Apr 1843) & BETTY LONG (born abt 1761 Dursley) (death unknown). They married 3 December 1781 Dursley Parish Church, Dursley.


They had 7 children including JOSEPH:


GEORGE (born 25 Oct 1783 Dursley) (died Mar 1847 Dursley)


JAMES (born 25 July 1786 Uley) (died 21 Apr 1791 Dursley)


ELIZABETH (born 3 July 1787 Dursley)


THIRZA (born 23 Nov 1792 Uley) (died Jul 1873 Westbury on Severn, Gloucestershire)


SAMUEL (born abt 1793 Uley) (died 30 Nov 1860 Hindmarsh, Australia)


NATHANIEL (born abt 1795 Uley) (died Jul 1864 Stroud, Gloucestershire)

Marriages of above:

GEORGE married ELIZABETH STOCKWELL - 9 Oct 1808 Dursley Parish Church. They had 7 children: Thomas, John, George, Charles, Ephraim, Mary Ann & Samuel


ELIZABETH married DANIEL BALL - 25 Dec 1808 Cam (children unknown)


THIRZA married THOMAS SKILLING - 20 Oct 1819 St James, Bristol. They had 3 known children: Elizabeth, James & David


SAMUEL married MARY STOCKWELL - 5 Sep 1819 Uley. They had 9 children: Daniel, Henry, Lewis, George, Ellen, Eliza, Francis, Caroline & Amelia


NATHANIEL married ANN ROBINS - 24 Jan 1818 Uley. They had 7 children: Charles, Sarah, Isaiah, John, James, Elizabeth & Mary


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JAMES BLOODWORTH's parents were JOHN BLUDWORTH (born abt 1733 Uley) (died 2 Apr 1761 Uley) & ANN FISHER (born abt 1736 Uley) (death unknown). They married 4 Jan 1756 Uley Parish Church, Uley.


They had 3 known children including JAMES:


JOSEPH (born abt 1756 Uley) (died Dec 1758 Uley)


JOHN (born abt 1758 Uley)

Marriages of above:

The only marriage known is of JOHN who married SARAH BURROUGHS - 2 Oct 1780 King's Stanley, Gloucestershire. They had 9 children: Isaac, James, Richard, Abraham, Ann, George, John, William & Sarah


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JOHN BLUDWORTH's parents were FRANCIS BLUDWORTH (born abt 1690 Uley) (died Jan 1765 Uley) & MARY SMITH (SMYTH) (born abt 1694 Uley) (died Dec 1756 Uley). They married 17 May 1714 Uley.


They had 6 children including JOHN:


HESTER (born abt 1717 Uley) (died Aug 1751 Uley)


MARY (born abt 1719 Uley) (died 19 Mar 1743/4 Uley)


SARAH (born abt 1722 Uley) (died Apr 1742 Uley)


JOAN (born abt 1726 Uley) (died Jun 1727 Uley)


ABRAHAM (born abt 1728 Uley) (died Oct 1781 Uley)

HESTER married JACOB HILL - 11 Feb 1742/3 Uley (children unknown)


MARY married RICHARD HOLDER - 22 Nov 1743 Coaley, Gloucestershire (children unknown)


ABRAHAM married SARAH CARPENTER - 16 Jun 1756 Dursley. They had 6 children: Hannah, Jacob, Mary, John, Benjamin & Mary

Marriages of above:

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FRANCIS BLUDWORTH's parents were FRANCIS BLUDWORTH (born abt 1640) (died Mar 1714/5 Uley) & JANE (surname unknown) (born abt 1660). They married abt 1686.


They had 5 known children including FRANCIS:


HESTER (born abt 1687 Uley)


SOLOMON (born abt 1689 Uley)


ABRAHAM (born abt 1690 Rodborough)


JACOB (born abt 1699 Uley)


Marriages of above:

The only marriage known is of ABRAHAM who married (name unknown) abt 1710 possibly in Rodborough. They had 5 children: Hannah, Abraham, Ann, Elizabeth & Michael

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The furthest back I am able to trace is to the parents of FRANCIS who were FRANCIS BLOODWORTH (born abt 1610) (died Dec 1679) & ELIZABETH (surname unknown) (born abt 1610) (died Dec 1678).


They had 3 known children including FRANCIS:


ELIZABETH (born abt 1637)


JOHN (born abt 1642) (died 1694)

Marriages of above:

The only marriage known is of JOHN who married EDITH GATY - 5 Mar 1666/7 Cam. They had 3 known children: Elizabeth, John & Thomas

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As I said above, there is masses of information on this part of the family.I am in contact with a number of Bloodworth descendants.


Ball, Burroughs, Carpenter, Gaty, Harris, Hill, Jobbins, Long, Powell, Robins, Skilling, Smyth, Stockwell, Trotman, White, Wilkins

My 3 x Great Grandmother was HARRIETT BLOODWORTH (born 1819 Uley) (died 28 Nov 1893 Dursley Union Workhouse). She married CHARLES WHITE (see WHITE page) (born 1 Apr 1811 Cam) (died 2 Jan 1882 Lower Cam) 20 Nov 1843 Cam.


HARRIETT's parents were JOSEPH BLOODWORTH (born 1792 Uley) (died Apr 1878 Dursley) and HANNAH TROTMAN (born 1790 North Nibley, Gloucestershire) (died Apr 1878 Dursley). They married 18 Aug 1816 Berkeley Parish Church, Berkeley, Gloucestershire.


They had 6 children including HARRIETT:


CHARLES (born 1816 Uley) (died 17 Oct 1844 Wootton County Asylum, Gloucestershire)


DANIEL (born 1822 Uley) (died 28 Nov 1893 Durley Union Workhouse)


PHILIP (born 1825 Uley) (died Oct 1894 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire)


JOSEPH (born 1830 Uley) (died Jan 1901 Dursley)


CHARLOTTE (born 1833 Uley) (died Apr 1909 Bristol, Somerset)