St George's church is set back off Church Road in an old area of Cam known as Upper Cam; the area being upstream on the River Cam. The first written record of Cam is in the Domesday Book 1086. The first mention of a church in Cam comes from 1131 when Roger Berkeley built and endowed an Augustinian Priory at Leonard Stanley. He gave it the advowsons of Cam and other local churches (the right to receive tithes and appoint Vicars). In 1156, the Priory became a "cell" of the Benedictine Abbey at Gloucester and the Abbots became the patrons of the living. All that remains of this twelfth century church is the bowl of the font, ornamented with Norman nail-head carving.

St George's Church, Cam

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The White part of my tree comes from Gloucestershire and in particular the Dursley area. However BE WARNED! there are a lot of White families in the area who are not related (or can't be proved at the present time).


The surnames associated with the White's include:

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Marriages of above:

Charles Frederick White

Ellen White & William


Edward Louis White

CHARLES FREDERICK married LAVINIA ELIZABETH PULLIN (his 1st cousin) - 24 May 1902 The Parish Church, Camden Town, Pancras, London. They had 3 children: Charles Frederick, Richard & William Edward. They emigrated to the USA & settled in Rochester, New York.


HENRY JAMES married ALICE LUDLOW - Dec 1901 Bath. They had 2 children: Doris May & Lilian Mabel


LUCY LILIAN married FREDERICK BARKER - 17 Oct 1908 Eastry, Kent. They had 2 children: Frederick Charles & Robert Henry

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Marriages of above:

ARABELLA married ALBERT SMETHAM - 30 Aug 1863 St John the Baptist Church, City of Gloucester. They had 4 children: Ada, Albert Thomas, Charles Allen & Maud Elizabeth Harriet


JOHN HENRY married EMILY RACHAEL HOLTON - 23 May 1867 All Saints, St John's Wood, London. They had 4 children: Charles Henry, Emily Harriett, John William & Louisa


PIERCE WILLIAM married ELLEN HILL - 19 Mar 1887 Lower Cam. They had 2 children: Emma Elura & Doris May

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CHARLES WHITE's parents were JOHN WHITE (born 30 Oct 1778 Cam) (died 11 Mar 1862 Dursley Union Workhouse, Dursley) & ANN BARNFIELD (birth & death unknown). They married 28 Sep 1801 Coaley, Gloucestershire.


They had 7 children including CHARLES:


THOMAS (born 1805 Cam) (died 17 Jun 1867 Cam) - Note: Thomas himself has been a Family Historian's nightmare - he was never included in any census entry with his family (nor elsewhere in the whole county in 1851, nor in the immediate area 1841 or 1861) and was buried "aged 53", 40 years after his marriage! His parents-in-law seemed to have disapproved of him, leaving his wife her inheritance "for her own and sole use and not for her Thomas White" - whether they couldn't bring themselves to call Thomas her husband or the word's omissionwas merely a clerical error we shall never know!


HENRY (born 1807 Cam) (died 25 Feb 1855 Cam)


CHARLOTTE (born 1809 Cam)


JOHN (born 30 May 1814) (died 23 Jul 1815 Cam)


JOHN (born 9 Apr 1922 Cam)


ANN (born 9 Apr 1922 Cam)

Marriages of above:

THOMAS married ELIZABETH GAINER - 04 Feb 1827 Stinchcombe, Gloucestershire. They had 7 children: Addarena, George William, Evelina Sophia, Augustus Frederick(1), Augustus Frederick(2),  Georgiana Caroline & Lavinia Elizabeth


HENRY married ELIZABETH PETERS - 30 Dec 1831 Cam. They had 8 children: George, Frances, Charlotte, Juliana, James Sidney, Julia Emma & Sidney James


ANN married ROBERT SIMPSON - 1836 Cam (children unknown)

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JOHN's parents were JOSEPH WHITE (born abt 1740 Cam) (died 12 Jun 1837 Cam - AGED 97!!) & EDITH (surname unknown) (born abt 1743) (died 20 Dec 1820 Cam). The date of the marriage cannot be found at present. JOSEPH then married JANE MALPAS - 26 Dec 1821 Cam (cannot find any children).


JOSEPH & EDITH had 6 known children including JOHN:


BETTY (born abt 1770 Cam)


ESTHER (born abt 1772 Cam) (died 26 Dec 1773 Cam)


JOSEPH (born abt 1774 Cam)


ELIZABETH (born abt 1786 Cam)


ANN (born abt 1789 Cam)


The grave of Joseph White, located in St George's Churchyard, Cam. He supposedly died aged 103 in 1837 but the burial record states 97.


The grave reads:

"In Honour of Joseph White of this parish who died 12 Jun 1837 aged 103 years. This stone is erected by the Right Honourable Lord Seagrave to perpetuate so remarkable longevity"


When enquiring at Gloucestershire Record Office about the age difference, they said it is most probably due to no-one actually knowing how old he was!

Marriages of above:

Unfortunately the only marriage known is that of ANN WHITE who married SAMUEL PEARCE - 01 Nov 1810 Cam

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Research Note: The only chance of finding out more about the White's is to visit Gloucestershire Record Office as there are not many records online. I am in contact with a couple of White descendants.

Charles White (USA)
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ellen & william 2
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Edward Louis White
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Lucy Lillian White

Lucy Lillian White

Bloodworth, Butcher, Cox, Gainer, Gingel(l), Malpas, Neems, Pegler, Screen, Smetham, Theyers

My Great Grandparents were WILLIAM THOMAS CREANEY (see CREANEY page) (born 4 Jun 1873 Falmore Roche, Dundalk, Co Louth, Ireland) (died 18 Oct 1921 Sheerness, Kent) who married ELLEN WHITE (born 31 May 1878 Rodbourne Cheney, Wiltshire) (died 30 Dec 1962 Sheerness, Kent). They married 31 Oct 1904 Wickham Bisop, Essex.


ELLEN's parents were CHARLES WHITE (born 06 Nov 1848 Cam) (died 11 Feb 1903 8 Millmead Terrace, Bath) who married SUSANNAH PULLIN (see PULLIN page) (born 07 Apr 1852 Castle Combe, Wiltshire) (died 03 Feb 1923 Castle Combe). They married Jul 1875 St Mark's Church, Swindon, Wiltshire.


They had 5 children including ELLEN:


CHARLES FREDERICK (born 18 Jun 1876 New Swindon, Wiltshire) (died 17 Aug 1929 Monroe, Rochester State, New York, USA)


HENRY JAMES (born Jun 1882 Rodbourne Cheney, Wiltshire) (died Dec 1910 Bath)


LUCY LILLIAN (born Mar 1888 Bath, Somerset) (died 28 Mar 1944)


EDWARD LOUIS (born 11 Feb 1890 Bath, Somerset) (died 26 Mar 1916 World War 1 - Body Not Recovered For Burial)

CHARLES WHITE's parents were CHARLES WHITE (born 1 Apr 1811 Cam) (died 2 Jan 1882) & HARRIETT BLOODWORTH (see BLOODWORTH page) (born 1819 Uley, Gloucestershire) (died 28 Nov 1893 Union Workhouse, Dursley). They married 20 Nov 1843 Cam.


They had 4 children including CHARLES:


ARABELLA (born 14 Apr 1842 Uley) (died 26 Dec 1908)


JOHN HENRY (born 07 Dec 1845 Uley) (died Apr 1906 Hendon, Middx.)


PIERCE WILLIAM (born 13 Jun 1862 Cam) (died 21 Jan 1919 Lower Cam)