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The Piper's so far have been found in Northiam, East Sussex, but do not go back that far - only to around the 1780's. This part of the family is very elusive, mainly because of the common surname, but I haven't given up yet!.


The surnames associated with the Piper's include:

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Marriages of above:

Margaret Elizabeth Piper

David Charles Piper

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JOHN CHARLES CECIL PIPER's parents were FREDERICK CHARLES PIPER (born 8 Mar 1887 Station Road, Rainham, Kent) (died 26 Jan 1972 Medway Hospital, Gillingham, Kent) & ALICE ELIZA VALENTINE (born 4 May 1887 Brompton, Gillingham) (died 29 Nov 1938 Sheerness, Isle of Sheppey). They married 1908 Sheerness, Isle of Sheppey.


They had 6 children including JOHN CHARLES (Charlie):


FRANCES (born 10 Aug 1910 Sheerness) (died Feb 1926 Sheerness)


FREDERICK (born 2 Sep 1913 Sheerness) (died Dec 1915 Sheerness)


JAMES H.J. (born 1915 Sheerness) (died Dec 1915 Sheerness)


ROBERT (born 26 Oct 1916 Sheerness) (died 1971 Sheerness)


DOROTHY ALICE (born 18 May 1922 Sheerness) (died 2 Apr 1982 Sheerness)

Marriages of above:

FREDERICK (FRED) married EMMA ELIZABETH I.A. JEFFERY (known as NANCY) - Sep 1937 Sheerness. They had 1 child Michael.


ROBERT (BOB) married ELIZABETH (BETTY) MCCANN - unknown date in Scotland. They had 2 children: Elizabeth Alice & Peter James


DOROTHY ALICE married CHARLES WALTER PAYNE - 27 Feb 1940. They had 2 children: Jacqueline & Jennifer

Frederick Piper

Robert Piper

Charlie Piper

Frederick Charles Piper

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FREDERICK CHARLES PIPER's parents were GEORGE PIPER (born 17 Sep 1857 Northiam, East Sussex) (died Jun 1926 Sheerness) & ELIZABETH ANN GOODING (born 19 Jun 1855 Lenham, Kent) (died Dec 1928 Sheerness). They married 5 Nov 1877 Chatham Register Office, Chatham, Kent.


They had 7 children including FREDERICK CHARLES:


GEORGE WILLIAM (born 15 Oct 1877, Station Road, Rainham, Kent) (died Jan 1966 Sheerness)


EDWARD AUGUSTUS (born Sep 1881 Station Road, Rainham) (died 11 Jan 1906 Lambeth, London)


HERBERT HENRY (born 27 Sep 1884 The Street, Upchurch, Kent) (died Sep 1976 Sheerness)


MINNIE MARIA (born Dec 1889 Sittingbourne, Kent) (died Dec 1962 Sheerness)


JESSE THOMAS (born Jun 1893 Sheerness) (died Feb 1959 Sheerness)


DORIS WINIFRED (born Mar 1898 Sheerness) (died Jun 1982 Chatham)

Marriages of above:

GEORGE WILLIAM married ADELINE ELIZA ALDERTON - 13 Jan 1900 Sheerness Register Office, Sheerness.

They had 4 children: William Edward Peace, Winifred May, Herbert & Arthur Sidney


MINNIE MARIA married PERCY THOMAS WALLACE - Sep 1915 Sheerness.

They had 2 children: Violet I. & Iris I.


DORIS WINIFRED married WILLIAM GRIFFITHS - Dec 1922 Medway, Kent.

They had 2 chidren:

Jean H. & Roy William

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GEORGE PIPER's parents were JOHN PIPER (born 10 Feb 1828 Northiam, East Sussex) (died Dec 1883 Rainham, Kent) & SARAH WENHAM (born abt 1833 Northiam) (death date unknown). They married 26 Mar 1856 Northiam.


They had 5 children including GEORGE:


SARAH MARIAN (aka MARIAN SARAH born abt 1860 Rye, East Sussex)


SARAH MARGARET (born Dec 1860 Rye) (died Sep 1861 Ticehurst, East Sussex)


MARY (born abt 1861 Northiam)


WILLIAM JOHN (aka JOHN WILLIAM born abt 1864 Rye)

St Mary's Church, Northiam, East Sussex

 SARAH MARIAN married GEORGE JEMMETT - 1883 Strood, Kent

they had 7 children:

Lilian Emma, Walter Bertie, Percy William, Bessie Marian, Minnie Beatrice,

Daisy Winifred & Julia May


JOHN WILLIAM married EMMA JEMMETT - Apr-Jun 1889 Strood, Kent

they had 3 children:

Eva May, Winifred & Walter John


Research Note: Very interestingly GEORGE JEMMETT & EMMA JEMMETT were brother & sister - so a brother & sister married a brother & sister!


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The furthest I can go back to, at present, are the parents of JOHN PIPER. They are WILLIAM PIPER (born abt 1792 Northiam) (died before 1841 - Susan is listed as a "Widow" in the 1841 Census) & SUSAN SWEATMAN (SWETMAN) (born abt 1794). They married 24 Feb 1813 Northiam.


They had 8 children including JOHN:


JESSE (born 9 Feb 1817 Northiam)


SUSAN (born 23 May 1819 Northiam)


HARRIET (born 21 Oct 1821 Northiam)


CAROLINE (born 31 Aug 1823 Northiam)


GEORGE (born 2 Oct 1825 Northiam)


ANN (born 28 Jan 1827) (died 10 Apr 1829)


ANN (born abt 1832 Northiam)

Marriages of above:

Only 2 marriages are known at present:


SUSAN married JOHN PADGHAM - 8 Feb 1839 Northiam

They had 2 known children: Catherine Charlotte & Ann


HARRIET married JAMES BUTTON - 7 May 1843 Northiam

They had 3 known children: Mary Ann, Elizabeth & Ellen

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All I know about the generation further back is that William's parents were William & Ann. There are a lot of Piper's in East Sussex, & it is almost impossible to locate the correct family, the search for the Piper's continues.......

Marriages of above:

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St Marys Northiam


The Piper side of the family starts with my grandfather JOHN CHARLES CECIL PIPER (aka Charlie) (born 11 May 1908 Sidcup) (died 24 Jul 2004 Medway Maritime Hospital, Gillingham, Kent). He married NELLIE NORAH CREANEY (see Creaney page) (born 26 Aug 1910 Sheerness, Isle of Sheppey, Kent) (died 24 Jul 1995 Wisdom Hospice, Chatham, Kent). They married 17 Feb 1931 Minster Abbey, Minster, Isle of Sheppey, Kent.


They had 2 children:


MARGARET ELIZABETH (my Mum) (born 18 Sep 1937 Chatham, Kent)

DAVID (born 2 Jul 1931 Chatham, Kent)

MARGARET married 1) ERIC KENNETH OAK HANCOCK (see HANCOCK page) 28 Sep 1960, St Mary's Church, Chatham, Kent. They had ME! Lisa Margaret (born 3 March 1965 96 Marshall Road, Rainham, Kent). 2) BRIAN JOHN COOPER - 22 Mar 1997 Bridgewood Manor Hotel, Rochester, Kent


DAVID married 1) SHEILA REEVES & had 1 child Corinne. 2) DIANNE MACE 31 Mar 1962 & had 2 childen: Bryan Alan & Pauline