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Pretty much all of the information listed on this page has been sourced from either Medway Archives & Local Studies Centre, Strood, Kent (where I worked as an Archives Assistant) or from descendants who I am in contact with.


The below surnames are associated with the Crittenden/Cruttenden line. The name has also been spelt Crettenden & Croytenden.

Brooker, Elliot, Frost, Gaskin, Ivory, Kemp, McDonnel(l), Milliner, Nichols, Porter, Smith, Valentine

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St Mary's Church, Lower Higham, Kent - now disused

The CRITTENDEN line in my tree starts with my Great Great Grandmother ELEANOR (ELLEN) CRITTENDEN (born 2 Sep 1849 Higham) (died Dec 1921 Sheerness, Isle of Sheppey) who married JOHN VALENTINE (born 1846 Rainham, Kent) (died Mar 1914 Bromley, Kent). They married Mar 1870 Medway, Kent.


ELLEN's parents were JOB CRITTENDEN (born 18 Nov 1824 Upchurch, Kent) (incidentally only 2 mins from where I now live) (died 1903 Camberwell, London) & ALICE NICHOLS (born abt 1827 Higham) (died Nov 1885 Higham). Higham is a parish a couple of miles from Rochester & now comes under the district of Medway.

JOB & ALICE had 7 children including ELLEN:


JAMES (born 16 Aug 1853 Higham)

WILLIAM HENRY (born 16 Sep 1855 Higham) (died 21 Jun 1860 Higham)

ELIZA PHOEBE (born 3 May 1858 Higham)

MARTHA ANN (born 20 Feb 1860) (died 4 May 1861 Higham)

ROBERT JOHN (born 14 Jun 1862 Higham)

WALTER (born 1865 Higham) (died 1940)

Marriages of above:

JAMES married EMILY FROST - 31 Oct 1872 Higham.

They had 9 children: Ada Mary, Alfred James, Alice Jane, Ellen, Emma, Frances Emily, Olga Annie, Patient Job & Walter John


ELIZA PHOEBE married WILLIAM (JACK) KEMP - 27 Jul 1878 Higham

(children unknown)


The other marriages are unknown

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JOB CRITTENDEN'S parents were ROBERT CRITTENDEN (born abt 1798 Chatham, Kent) (death unknown) & PHOEBE IVORY (born abt 1803 Higham) (died 2 Jul 1853 Higham). They married 8 Dec 1822 Upchurch, Kent.


They had 5 known children including JOB:


JAMES (born 1829 Stoke, Kent) (died 2 Apr 1911 Strood, Kent)

ALFRED (born abt 1831 Shorne, Kent) (died 11 Mar 1916 Higham)

JOHN (born abt 1834 Higham) (never married died 1866)

ELEANOR (born abt 1836 Higham)

Marriages of above:

JAMES married ELIZABETH SARAH ROWE - Dec 1864 London.

They had 5 children: Ada, Alfred, Alice, Amy & James Arthur


ALFRED married twice - 1) EMMA WALLACE - 14 Jun 1851 St Mary's Church, Higham. They had 4 children: Mary, Emma, Alfred Stephen & James Robert. He married 2) AMY CARMAN - Sep 1897 Islington (children unknown)


ELEANOR married JOHN BROOKER - 6 Feb 1858 Higham

(children unknown)

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MID 1700's

This is when the CRITTENDEN's lived in Chatham, Kent and all the baptisms took place in the Parish Church of St Mary's, Chatham (funnily enough where I was baptised). This was the only parish church at the time in Chatham.

St Mary's, Chatham (18th Century)

St Mary's, Chatham (21st Century)

ROBERT CRITTENDEN's parents were SAMUEL CRITTENDEN (born abt 1768 Chatham) (died 1854) & CATHERINE MACDONNEL(L) (born abt 1777 Rainham, Kent) (where I live):


They had 6 children including ROBERT:


MARY (born abt 1796 Chatham)


JAMES (born abt 1801 Chatham) (died 1857 Luton, Chatham)


JOHN (born 21 May 1803 Chatham) (died in NEW TIER, SOUTH AUSTRALIA 9 Oct 1858) - SEE BELOW


CATHERINE (born abt 1806 Chatham)


SAMUEL (born abt 1809 Chatham) (died in SOUTH AUSTRALIA 8 July 1893) - SEE BELOW

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JOHN CRITTENDEN emigrated in 1839 aboard the "ASIA" along with his wife SARAH PORTER & 7 of their 11 children. They departed from Plymouth, Devon accompanied by JOHN's brother SAMUEL and his wife JEMIMA GASKIN & 6 of their 15 children. They arrived in Port Adelaide on 16 Jul 1839 & became one of the 1st families of Australia. The family changed the spelling of their surname to CRETTENDEN upon arrival in Australia.

Port Adelaide 18th Century

Port Adelaide 19th Century

During the 1839 Voyage, the below was reported:


April 1st (no joke) - Pirates chased down the ‘Asia’, 200 miles East off the coast of Isle of May (Cape de Verde Islands), firing shots at the ‘Asia’ during the fracas. The pirates were eventually deterred by a clever ruse perpetrated by one Captain Duff, (John Finlay Duff) who was a cabin passenger aboard the ‘Asia’ and on his way to Adelaide, South Australia with his wife Anne and their daughter Jessie.


July 14th - The ‘Asia’ almost ran aground off the South Australian coast of Kangaroo Island (Cape Borda) through the misfortunes of “our Captain being nearly drunk with Brandy” according to ships surgeon Dr George Mayo. Captain Duff was again instrumental in rescuing the situation from certain disaster.


Sadly many children died when disease broke out onboard the ‘Asia’. “Measles and whooping-cough …… attacked the juveniles with great and fatal effect and we lost twenty-five in all; as many as three in one family.”


JOHN CRETTENDEN died at a fairly young age & the following appeared in the South Australian Register (the local paper):


Died on the 9th October 1858 at his residence Mounty Lofty, in consequence of a fall from a horse, Mr John Crettenden, formerly of Chatham, Kent, England aged 54 yrs.

JOHN CRETTENDEN & SARAH had 11 children:


JOHN (born abt 1823 Chatham)


SARAH HESTER (born abt 1825 Chatham)


ANN (born abt 1827 Chatham)


EMILY ELIZABETH (born abt 1828 Chatham)


SAMUEL (born abt 1830 Chatham) (died 30 Mar 1905 Summertown, South Australia)


MARY (born abt 1832 Chatham)


CATHERINE (born abt 1834 Chatham)


JAMES (born abt 1837 Chatham)


WILLIAM JOHN (born 4 Jul 1840 Adelaide, South Australia) (died 1917 Australia)


ROBERT (born abt 1845 Adelaide, Australia) (died 13 Nov 1845 Adelaide)


ELIZA NAYLER (born 10 Aug 1846 Adelaide) (died 17 Sep 1849 New Tiers, South Australia)

SAMUEL CRETTENDEN married JEMIMA GASKIN - 25 Dec 1829 in St Margaret's Church, Rochester, Kent. SAMUEL died 8 Jul 1893 in North Adelaide. JEMIMA died 28 Jun 1875 in North Adelaide. As mentioned above they had 15 children in total. This is the most offspring of any part of my family tree. Their children were:


JANE (born abt 1830 Chatham)


WILLIAM (born abt 1832 Chatham) (died 17 Jun 1894 Smithfield, South Australia)


HARRIET (born 8 Mar 1835 Chatham)


SAMUEL (born 21 Dec 1836 Chatham) (died 1896)


ELIZA (born abt 1837 Chatham) (died 1848)


LOUISA (born abt 1838 Chatham) (died 22 Apr 1840)


ROBERT GEORGE (born 18 Apr 1841 Thebarton, South Australia)


EMMELINE (born 25 Jul 1843 Thebarton) (died 1906)


LUCY ANN (born 23 May 1845 Dry Creek, South Australia) (died 1934)


JAMES HENRY (born 17 Dec 1846 Dry Creek, South Australia) (died 12 Dec 1930 Mile End, South Australia)


ELIZA (born 14 Jull 1848 Dry Creek) (died 19 Jul 1850)


ROSE (born 16 Jun 1850 South Australia)


MARY ANN (born 4 Mar 1853 Gawler Plains, South Australia)


JEMIMA LOUISE (born 7 Sep 1854 Gawler Plains)


ALICE ELIZA (born 7 Oct 1856 Gawler Plains)

Research Note: I am in contact with a number of Australian descendants, &  have a lot of information on that side of the tree. Contact me for further details.


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SAMUEL CRITTENDEN's parents (to clarify born abt 1768 Chatham & died 1854) were JAMES CRITTENDEN (born abt 1738 Chatham) (died Jun 1773 Chatham) & ANN MILLINER (born 25 Aug 1734 Rodmersham, Kent). They married 9 Oct 1764 St Mary's Church, Chatham.


They had 4 other known children including SAMUEL:


ELIZABETH (born abt 1765 Chatham)

THOMAS (born abt 1767 Chatham)

ROBERT (born abt 1770 Chatham)

GEORGE (born abt 1773 Chatham)


This part of the family is work in progress as I have yet to find the marriages. Unfortunately some of the registers are damaged & very difficult to read.

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JAMES CRITTENDEN'S parents were JAMES CRITTENDEN (born abt 1716) (died aft Jun 1763) & ELIZABETH SMITH (born abt 1720) (died 17 Jun 1763 Chatham). They married 15 Oct 1745.

There has been a suggestion that he also married ANN MILLINER rather than his son, but this has not been proved.


JAMES & ELIZABETH had 7 children including JAMES:


CATHERINE (born abt 1746 Chatham)

WILLIAM (born abt 1748 Chatham) (died Jun 1756 Chatham)

THOMAS (born abt 1754 Chatham) (died May 1762 Chatham)

MARY (born abt 1756 Chatham)

JOHN (born abt 1759 Chatham) (died Dec 1831 Chatham)

WILLIAM (born abt 1761 Chatham)


Again, as above, I do not have any marriage details due to damaged parish registers.

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The furthest I can go back are to the parents of JAMES CRITTENDEN who were WILLIAM CRITTENDEN (born abt 1675) (died 13 May 1731 Chatham & buried 18 Jun 1731 Chatham) & ANN ELLIOT (born abt 1768 Chatham) (died 13 Oct 1727 Chatham). WILLIAM also marries ELIZABETH SANDERS (born abt 1700) 26 Dec 1728. There are no known children for WILLIAM & ELIZABETH.


WILLIAM & ANN had 9 children including JAMES:


WILLIAM (born abt 1702 Chatham) (died Jun 1766 Chatham)

JOHN (born abt 1704 Chatham) (died Apr 1706 Chatham)

THOMAS (born abt 1708 Chatham) (died Nov 1793 Chatham)

SAMUEL (born abt 1710 Chatham) (died before 1735 Chatham)

ANN (born abt 1712 Chatham)

ELIZABETH (born abt 1714 Chatham)

DAVID (born bet 1715-1721) (died Nov 1721 Chatham)

Marriages of above:

WILLIAM married ANN SAYWELL - 18 May 1725 St Mary's Church, Chatham. They had 2 known children: Charles & Mary


THOMAS married ANN AMBROSE - 8 Oct 1735 St Mary's Church, Chatham. They had 2 known children: Daniel & Elizabeth


SAMUEL married MARY HODGE - date unknown St Nicholas, Rochester. Only 1 known child: Ann


ANN married GEORGE GILES - 20 Aug 1737 St Mary's Church, Chatham.

They had 2 known children: Sarah & William


Research Note: I thoroughly checked the Parish Registers for St Mary's, Chatham whilst working at MALSC. WILLIAM CRITTENDEN is the first to be listed in the parish. There is, however, a WILLIAM CRITTENDEN showing on as having been born 21 Apr 1674 in Barming, Kent. This fits with my WILLIAM but I have yet to verify it. There is also an additional child listed in St Mary's - ROSANNA who married THOMAS MORTON 7 Oct 1735. She could possibly be another child to WILLIAM & ANN (see bottom of this page).

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I do have an awful lot of information on the Crittenden/Crettenden line, so please do not hesitate to contact me for details

St Marys Church Higham
St Marys Church Chatham old
Port Adelaide old
St Marys Church Chatham new